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Burn the First Set
Burn the first set means to escalate hard and get blown out with the first good set of the night to set the frame early on that you aren’t going to waste any time tonight. The first good set is also your first opportunity to get some escalation practice and warm up physically.

Blow it Up, Have Nothing

“I don’t need to dress up, Vicky is coming next week”

I would rather have nothing. Keeping women on reserve is hurting you. Call those numbers. Ask that girl you met to come over. Find out what is going on right now. If you can’t call her right now that means you are scared to find out the truth. That she doesn’t like you.

When you rely on phone numbers or women you are “working on closing” you miss out on all the new opportunities. You may still go out but you stop trying as hard with new girls. You drink beer and wait around for a call from your fuck-buddy. You get one number and then dream about calling her for the rest of the night.

Your ego is satisfied by this one woman you supposedly have in the bag. Until the relationship reaches a conclusion, good or bad, you are only wasting your time. For your own benefit, blow these girls out and start again fresh.

It’s much better to have nothing than these fantasy girls you are supposedly working on. You always do better when you have nothing in reserve. I would rather have nothing than a fantasy.

Having nothing when you go out makes you hungry.

Fast Escalation is Attractive

“I don’t make a move quickly because I think that makes me cool. I escalate quickly because  I know that it’s my best and only chance”

Don’t Wait to Escalate

It’s not what you do, it’s when you do it. The longer you wait to escalate the harder it becomes. Meaning you had a much better chance of it working five minutes ago. By the time your brain sends the signal “I should probably do something” you have already waited too long.

You have less than 3 minutes to get to a moment of mutual caressing. Wait any longer than that and you are in the friend zone or being sized up as a potential boyfriend.

An Attractive Quality

There is absolutely nothing you can ever do or say that is MORE attractive than escalating quickly.

Not teasing her, telling stories or having lots of social proof.  Nothing comes close. Fast escalation beats them all.

Let me be very specific. Fast escalation means holding seductive eye contact right from the start, moving very close to her quickly, possibly giving her a compliment ”you smell good” and holding/caressing her hands all in the first minute.

Fast escalation is an attractive quality. That is because women view guys who escalate as confident. As such, there is ZERO downside.

Just the fact that you hold eye contact and moved closer makes you more attractive than you were a second ago. No matter what her reaction is to this you will still be seen as more confident. Just make sure you don’t look sad if she moves away or resists you.

Why worry about using “teasing and disinterest” to make her attracted when ”escalation” ie. using eye contact, touch and moving closer can do it.  Plus with escalation you can create attraction and move things forward at the same time.

You can’t wait around until you are sure she is attracted to make your move. That takes too much time. Don’t you guys get it?

It’s making the move quickly that makes her attracted.

Escalation turns the women who were only slightly interested in you into very interested. Women like guys who like them.
The Hard Truth

For some guys using fast escalation will be the only way they can ever create attraction with really hot women. The confidence displayed by fast escalation overcomes all of their shortcomings in other areas. If you are short or ugly you better be escalating even faster. You have even less time.

That is why long game at your job or in your social circle never works. Just by the nature of the workplace or with your group of friends you have to be polite and can’t be aggressive. You don’t want to be fired or lose social standing. As such you have to play safe. This means no fast escalation, thus no attraction. If you are in high school or college, have fun with your social circle but make sure you do this outside of it.

Take it Personal

Escalation is not a technique to find out if she really likes you.

Escalation is simply an attractive quality that helps you get laid. Just like qualifying is. You wouldn’t take it personally if you tried to qualify a girl and she gave you a one word answer. Then why do you take it personally if you go to kiss her and she turns her cheek.

Stand Out

Having observed many guys at bars and lounges, I would say that out of 100 guys, half are complete wallflowers. They only talk to their friends or people they came with.  They seem to be waiting for something to happen or a woman to magically bump into them. I’m sure we can all relate to this.

30 are what could be considered “social” guys. They start conversations with women by making comments or asking questions but for the most part they keep the interaction social and don’t make a move even though they secretly would love to. All of us have been this guy at some point.

About 20 guys are social and can also escalate. They do take their sweet time doing it though. They need to make sure the girl definitely likes them first. On rare nights when you are feeling really confident this is you.

But the rarest of guys, 1 in a 100 is the “sexual”guy who has no problem rolling up and getting physical quickly without worrying if she likes him. This quality sets you apart from everyone else. There is no one here tonight like you.

There is a big difference between having the confidence to roll up and be direct “verbally” vs. direct “physically”. It’s a total different level.

Sex With a Stranger

Guys don’t escalate quickly because they want to make 100% sure she is attracted first. They view eye contact, touching and moving closer as something you only do if you’re sure it will work. While they were waiting around looking for indicators of interest, she already put them in the friend zone.

Or maybe she does find you attractive. But because you have been so polite, wellmannered and“likeable” she starts sizing you up as a potential boyfriend. Big shoes to fill. Her last boyfriend was a Doctor, 6 foot 4 and drove a Lexus.

Plus she already has more than enough friends. Over 1000 last time she checked Facebook. She also has plenty of guys chasing her around wanting to be her next boyfriend. There is lots of tough competition for the boyfriend role, much less for the secret lover position. In other words, it’s much easier to be her lover than her boyfriend.

But when you escalate quickly you are offering her the ONE thing she can’t get from all these other guys. Fast, passionate, no strings attached sex with a stranger.

You only get a few minutes to fulfil her sex with a stranger fantasy.

Extract from The automatic seduction system by SixtyYearsOfChallenge


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