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A Job Interview for Sex

When you finally find yourself face-to-face with “that girl” you’ve had your eye on, you’re in the final act of the three-act play of modern “courtship.” The first act is the initial meeting. The second act is setting things up (usually via text). And the third and final act—the finale—is meeting up, face-to-face.

In a lot of ways, face-to-face interactions are like interviews before sex or a relationship. To keep with this analogy, think of the initial meeting as your resume, your ability to set up a meeting as your cover letter, and the face-to-face interaction is an interview.

While this analogy may seem a bit dorky (and very unromantic), I picked it for a reason: I want to emphasize that each “phase” of the courtship requires you to show different aspects of yourself. Just like a job candidate wouldn’t simply recite his resume on a job interview, you can’t treat a face-to-face interaction as if it’s an initial meeting.

In Magnetic Messaging, I explained that “phone game” is different than “pickup game.” And for those on the Magnetic Mastermind, you’ve probably seen me go ape shit over guys making stupid mistakes over text—mostly mistakes that probably worked for them during the initial pickup.

Acting cocky, making edgy remarks, or even saying overtly sexual things may work in an initial pickup, but do those same things over text and you’re just another annoying creep. Likewise, women want an experience during a face-to-face interaction that’s unlike the experience you gave her in the initial meeting or over text. Meeting up with a woman is “Act 3” and no matter how incredible the first two acts were, if you screw up the finale, you probably won’t get a second chance.

Therefore, it’s crucial you understand “the experience” women want. You’ll hear me use this phrase “the experience” a lot throughout the book. It’s important you consider things from a woman’s perspective—taking into account how your actions effect her emotions.

Just as the “Key-Lock Sequence” gives a woman an experience that puts her in the mood to meet up with you, this course is designed to give a woman an experience that makes her want to sleep with you/become your girlfriend. This may sound complicated, but all you need to do is get her to feel LUST, which is simpler than it sounds (read on)…

LUSt: the Secret to Seducing “that Girl”

Lust. It’s safe to say that every guy hopes to inspire that emotion in women. Lust often leads to clothes-tearing, toe-curling sex—the absolute best finale to any three-act courtship! Yet, it’s easier said than done. How do we get women so ramped up on a date that she feels uncontrollable desire towards us? Simple: LUST.

Of course, by LUST, we mean the 4 “ingredients” of a great interaction:
– 1. Laughing
– 2. Understanding
– 3. Sexualizing
– 4. Taking it Home

Not only are these the 4 ingredients, it’s also the order of a perfect date. First, you get a woman laughing with humor and flirting. Then, you get her to feel a mutual sense of understanding through telling her stories and creating a connection. Next, you sexualize the interaction through suggestion and leading. And then, finally, you take it home—a home that’s set up to maximize both your and her experience.

Since there are only four main ingredients, this course is broken into four sections. The sections explain how to create the experience a woman wants to feel as the face-to-face interaction progresses and intensifies. Most great “experiences” for a woman build to a crescendo as the interaction progresses. While there are a few logistical considerations, which we address, most of your success or failure depends on your ability to get women to experience LUST. Get her laughing, get her to understand you, get her sexualized, and get her to want to go home with you.

Simple. Effective. Proven.

timeline of a Perfect Date

It would be easier for us to pretend that an interaction with a woman is four equal parts of LUST. That a 2-hour interaction would consist of 30 minutes of laughing, 30 minutes of understanding, 30 minutes of sexualizing, and then 30 minutes back at your place before sex. Things aren’t so straight forward, however.

In actuality, a perfect date really has six “parts”—and they’re not equal. While there aren’t “checkpoints” or even phases, there is a timeline:
– 1. Garbage time
– 2. Laughing time
– 3. Understanding time
– 4. Sexualizing time
– 5. Taking her back to you home time
– 6. Sex time

As you can see, LUST is sandwiched in the middle of this timeline, and for good reason: it’s the “meat” of the experience. Yet, there are two other components to a great interaction we haven’t mentioned: garbage time and sex time. Now, obviously the latter is beyond the scope of this book. Improving your sexual prowess is a skillset onto itself, and there are specific resources that can help you become better at sex. As such, this course won’t really cover “sex time” beyond some basic tips.

Garbage time, however, is crucial to a great interaction. It sets the “stage” for everything to follow. And the best part is: it doesn’t require much. For any guy who’s ever sweated nervously before an encounter with a hot girl (e.g., a date), you’re going to LOVE the concept of garbage time, so read on…

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