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A Job Interview for Sex

When you finally find yourself face-to-face with “that girl” you’ve had your eye on, you’re in the final act of the three-act play of modern “courtship.” The first act is the initial meeting. The second act is setting things up (usually via text). And the third and final act—the finale—is meeting up, face-to-face.

In a lot of ways, face-to-face interactions are like interviews before sex or a relationship. To keep with this analogy, think of the initial meeting as your resume, your ability to set up a meeting as your cover letter, and the face-to-face interaction is an interview.

While this analogy may seem a bit dorky (and very unromantic), I picked it for a reason: I want to emphasize that each “phase” of the courtship requires you to show different aspects of yourself. Just like a job candidate wouldn’t simply recite his resume on a job interview, you can’t treat a face-to-face interaction as if it’s an initial meeting.

In Magnetic Messaging, I explained that “phone game” is different than “pickup game.” And for those on the Magnetic Mastermind, you’ve probably seen me go ape shit over guys making stupid mistakes over text—mostly mistakes that probably worked for them during the initial pickup.

Acting cocky, making edgy remarks, or even saying overtly sexual things may work in an initial pickup, but do those same things over text and you’re just another annoying creep. Likewise, women want an experience during a face-to-face interaction that’s unlike the experience you gave her in the initial meeting or over text. Meeting up with a woman is “Act 3” and no matter how incredible the first two acts were, if you screw up the finale, you probably won’t get a second chance.

Therefore, it’s crucial you understand “the experience” women want. You’ll hear me use this phrase “the experience” a lot throughout the book. It’s important you consider things from a woman’s perspective—taking into account how your actions effect her emotions.

Just as the “Key-Lock Sequence” gives a woman an experience that puts her in the mood to meet up with you, this course is designed to give a woman an experience that makes her want to sleep with you/become your girlfriend. This may sound complicated, but all you need to do is get her to feel LUST, which is simpler than it sounds (read on)…

LUSt: the Secret to Seducing “that Girl”

Lust. It’s safe to say that every guy hopes to inspire that emotion in women. Lust often leads to clothes-tearing, toe-curling sex—the absolute best finale to any three-act courtship! Yet, it’s easier said than done. How do we get women so ramped up on a date that she feels uncontrollable desire towards us? Simple: LUST.

Of course, by LUST, we mean the 4 “ingredients” of a great interaction:
– 1. Laughing
– 2. Understanding
– 3. Sexualizing
– 4. Taking it Home

Not only are these the 4 ingredients, it’s also the order of a perfect date. First, you get a woman laughing with humor and flirting. Then, you get her to feel a mutual sense of understanding through telling her stories and creating a connection. Next, you sexualize the interaction through suggestion and leading. And then, finally, you take it home—a home that’s set up to maximize both your and her experience.

Since there are only four main ingredients, this course is broken into four sections. The sections explain how to create the experience a woman wants to feel as the face-to-face interaction progresses and intensifies. Most great “experiences” for a woman build to a crescendo as the interaction progresses. While there are a few logistical considerations, which we address, most of your success or failure depends on your ability to get women to experience LUST. Get her laughing, get her to understand you, get her sexualized, and get her to want to go home with you.

Simple. Effective. Proven.

timeline of a Perfect Date

It would be easier for us to pretend that an interaction with a woman is four equal parts of LUST. That a 2-hour interaction would consist of 30 minutes of laughing, 30 minutes of understanding, 30 minutes of sexualizing, and then 30 minutes back at your place before sex. Things aren’t so straight forward, however.

In actuality, a perfect date really has six “parts”—and they’re not equal. While there aren’t “checkpoints” or even phases, there is a timeline:
– 1. Garbage time
– 2. Laughing time
– 3. Understanding time
– 4. Sexualizing time
– 5. Taking her back to you home time
– 6. Sex time

As you can see, LUST is sandwiched in the middle of this timeline, and for good reason: it’s the “meat” of the experience. Yet, there are two other components to a great interaction we haven’t mentioned: garbage time and sex time. Now, obviously the latter is beyond the scope of this book. Improving your sexual prowess is a skillset onto itself, and there are specific resources that can help you become better at sex. As such, this course won’t really cover “sex time” beyond some basic tips.

Garbage time, however, is crucial to a great interaction. It sets the “stage” for everything to follow. And the best part is: it doesn’t require much. For any guy who’s ever sweated nervously before an encounter with a hot girl (e.g., a date), you’re going to LOVE the concept of garbage time, so read on…

Extract from Unlock her legs


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It’s interesting !

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The automatic seduction system by SixtyYearsOfChallenge














Burn the First Set
Burn the first set means to escalate hard and get blown out with the first good set of the night to set the frame early on that you aren’t going to waste any time tonight. The first good set is also your first opportunity to get some escalation practice and warm up physically.

Blow it Up, Have Nothing

“I don’t need to dress up, Vicky is coming next week”

I would rather have nothing. Keeping women on reserve is hurting you. Call those numbers. Ask that girl you met to come over. Find out what is going on right now. If you can’t call her right now that means you are scared to find out the truth. That she doesn’t like you.

When you rely on phone numbers or women you are “working on closing” you miss out on all the new opportunities. You may still go out but you stop trying as hard with new girls. You drink beer and wait around for a call from your fuck-buddy. You get one number and then dream about calling her for the rest of the night.

Your ego is satisfied by this one woman you supposedly have in the bag. Until the relationship reaches a conclusion, good or bad, you are only wasting your time. For your own benefit, blow these girls out and start again fresh.

It’s much better to have nothing than these fantasy girls you are supposedly working on. You always do better when you have nothing in reserve. I would rather have nothing than a fantasy.

Having nothing when you go out makes you hungry.

Fast Escalation is Attractive

“I don’t make a move quickly because I think that makes me cool. I escalate quickly because  I know that it’s my best and only chance”

Don’t Wait to Escalate

It’s not what you do, it’s when you do it. The longer you wait to escalate the harder it becomes. Meaning you had a much better chance of it working five minutes ago. By the time your brain sends the signal “I should probably do something” you have already waited too long.

You have less than 3 minutes to get to a moment of mutual caressing. Wait any longer than that and you are in the friend zone or being sized up as a potential boyfriend.

An Attractive Quality

There is absolutely nothing you can ever do or say that is MORE attractive than escalating quickly.

Not teasing her, telling stories or having lots of social proof.  Nothing comes close. Fast escalation beats them all.

Let me be very specific. Fast escalation means holding seductive eye contact right from the start, moving very close to her quickly, possibly giving her a compliment ”you smell good” and holding/caressing her hands all in the first minute.

Fast escalation is an attractive quality. That is because women view guys who escalate as confident. As such, there is ZERO downside.

Just the fact that you hold eye contact and moved closer makes you more attractive than you were a second ago. No matter what her reaction is to this you will still be seen as more confident. Just make sure you don’t look sad if she moves away or resists you.

Why worry about using “teasing and disinterest” to make her attracted when ”escalation” ie. using eye contact, touch and moving closer can do it.  Plus with escalation you can create attraction and move things forward at the same time.

You can’t wait around until you are sure she is attracted to make your move. That takes too much time. Don’t you guys get it?

It’s making the move quickly that makes her attracted.

Escalation turns the women who were only slightly interested in you into very interested. Women like guys who like them.
The Hard Truth

For some guys using fast escalation will be the only way they can ever create attraction with really hot women. The confidence displayed by fast escalation overcomes all of their shortcomings in other areas. If you are short or ugly you better be escalating even faster. You have even less time.

That is why long game at your job or in your social circle never works. Just by the nature of the workplace or with your group of friends you have to be polite and can’t be aggressive. You don’t want to be fired or lose social standing. As such you have to play safe. This means no fast escalation, thus no attraction. If you are in high school or college, have fun with your social circle but make sure you do this outside of it.

Take it Personal

Escalation is not a technique to find out if she really likes you.

Escalation is simply an attractive quality that helps you get laid. Just like qualifying is. You wouldn’t take it personally if you tried to qualify a girl and she gave you a one word answer. Then why do you take it personally if you go to kiss her and she turns her cheek.

Stand Out

Having observed many guys at bars and lounges, I would say that out of 100 guys, half are complete wallflowers. They only talk to their friends or people they came with.  They seem to be waiting for something to happen or a woman to magically bump into them. I’m sure we can all relate to this.

30 are what could be considered “social” guys. They start conversations with women by making comments or asking questions but for the most part they keep the interaction social and don’t make a move even though they secretly would love to. All of us have been this guy at some point.

About 20 guys are social and can also escalate. They do take their sweet time doing it though. They need to make sure the girl definitely likes them first. On rare nights when you are feeling really confident this is you.

But the rarest of guys, 1 in a 100 is the “sexual”guy who has no problem rolling up and getting physical quickly without worrying if she likes him. This quality sets you apart from everyone else. There is no one here tonight like you.

There is a big difference between having the confidence to roll up and be direct “verbally” vs. direct “physically”. It’s a total different level.

Sex With a Stranger

Guys don’t escalate quickly because they want to make 100% sure she is attracted first. They view eye contact, touching and moving closer as something you only do if you’re sure it will work. While they were waiting around looking for indicators of interest, she already put them in the friend zone.

Or maybe she does find you attractive. But because you have been so polite, wellmannered and“likeable” she starts sizing you up as a potential boyfriend. Big shoes to fill. Her last boyfriend was a Doctor, 6 foot 4 and drove a Lexus.

Plus she already has more than enough friends. Over 1000 last time she checked Facebook. She also has plenty of guys chasing her around wanting to be her next boyfriend. There is lots of tough competition for the boyfriend role, much less for the secret lover position. In other words, it’s much easier to be her lover than her boyfriend.

But when you escalate quickly you are offering her the ONE thing she can’t get from all these other guys. Fast, passionate, no strings attached sex with a stranger.

You only get a few minutes to fulfil her sex with a stranger fantasy.

Extract from The automatic seduction system by SixtyYearsOfChallenge


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This collection of ebooks unlocked my game at some point.  It’s really good, it changed my life and is not famous !

You can download it here if you’re interested.

Pour les français, l’ebook qui s’en rapproche le plus à ma connaissance est : La vérité (qui dérange) sur les relations Hommes/Femmes

Attraction Isn’t A Choice by David DeAngelo


A hundred years ago Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology, said that there was one question that he couldn’t answer: “What do women want?” My opinion is that old Sigmund was asking the wrong question. He was thinking about the situation all wrong. The question isn’t “What do women want?”, but “What do women RESPOND to?”

Everyone knows that if you ask a woman “What do you want in a guy?” she’ll answer with something like, “I want a NICE guy who comes from a good family… honest, stable, dependable… etc.” Right? But we also know that a lot of  really attractive women on this planet seem to be found with guys who are exactly the opposite. Let’s look at some of the top models of all time. Why is it that all the super-models seem to date violent, drugaddicted, unstable, wild rock stars? And why is it that every attractive woman that has ever been interviewed in history has admitted to being attracted to “bad boys”? I think you get the picture.

My point is that there’s a HUGE difference between what women say they want and what women are attracted to. Women have many conflicting drives going on inside. And in many cases women RESPOND to completely illogical things – which are often very different than what they say that they “want”. The question that I am going to attempt to solve in this book is, “How can I make women feel this attraction that they feel for ‘bad boys’ without having to be an abusive jerk?”

When I first started studying this particular area, I was really fascinated with this concept of women liking jerks but not “nice” guys. It has always struck me as very interesting… even from a young age. When I was younger, I never had any success with girls.

In middle school and high school, I wasn’t one of the kids that got notes from girls. I didn’t socialize with girls at the dances. And I never had a girlfriend (I know… boo-hoo for me).

I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 18. I always just kind of assumed that I wasn’t attractive to women and just silently worshipped them from afar. I’ll tell you, back then I would have done ANYTHING to have a girlfriend. But the more years that went by without one, the less likely it seemed.

In any event, I met a girl when I was 18…

She was unstable and came from the most bizarre, dysfunctional alcoholic family… and was just the co-dependent, needs-a-guy-to-“save”-her project that I thought I wanted.

Well, over the next 8 or 9 years I had about 5 or 6 girlfriends. They were mostly great women, but I now realize that I got into relationships with them because I DIDN’T THINK THAT I HAD ANY OTHER OPTIONS.

Whenever I was single, I always had a very lonely, insecure feeling that created desperation to find a woman who would be with me. Then, when I found one, I would cling to them instantly, hoping that they would love me.

About 5 years ago, I had just moved to Southern California to be closer to the company for which I worked. Shortly after moving, I quit that job, and I broke up with my long-distance girlfriend.

So here I was, in my late 20’s, in a new place with no friends and no girlfriend… with that same lonely, unsure feeling that I always got when I was single.

I made the decision that it was time to get this part of my life handled. I wanted to figure out how to be successful with women and dating so that I wouldn’t be so insecure anymore.

I didn’t like the idea that I could be out in public, see a woman that I’d like to meet, but have no idea what to do to meet her. I didn’t like the idea that I had to feel fortunate when a woman liked me… but that I had no control over which women liked me and when I could approach them.

So, being the kind of guy I am, I decided to do something about it once and for all.

I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do whatever it took to get this handled. I started reading books, going to seminars, listening to tapes, and searching the Internet for ideas.

At first, I was excited because there seemed to be quite a bit of good books available on the topic. But the more techniques I tried, the more I began to realize that none of the methods being sold out there were quite as good as the authors claimed.

After literally a couple of years of trying different things, I finally shifted course. I started watching what guys who were successful with women did in real-world situations, and I started asking them for help. This is when things all started to happen for me.

One friend showed me how he met women at bars, another showed me how he met women online, another showed me how he met women at dance clubs, and another showed me how he approached women on the street.

From this combination of watching guys who were successful with women and testing new ideas online, I realized a few key things:

1) The things that came “natural” to me, like being “nice” to women, kissing up to them, buying them things, and doing all the things that “mommy taught me” didn’t work the way they “should have”. Women didn’t respond to kind, giving, ass-kissing behavior by giving me attention and approval. They responded to it by running the other way.

2) Attraction Isn’t A Choice – but most men act as if it is. If a woman doesn’t feel it, then it’s going to be VERY hard to make any progress beyond, “I only like you as a friend.”

3) Attraction works very differently for women than it does for men. Men are attracted to looks first, personality second. Women are attracted to personality first, looks second. (I know that a woman will see you before getting to know you, so you’ll be JUDGED on your looks, but as far as attraction is concerned, personality is more important.)

4) Men see all physically attractive women as potential sex partners, but women don’t see all physically attractive men this way. A woman has to find out a bit about you first – namely, whether or not you’re a Wussy. Then she’ll decide if you’re either “friendship material” or “possible romantic material.”

I’ve found that most books written on the topic of dating and relationships are only half-right. They only tell you what women are “supposed” to be attracted to according to the unwritten rules of society. The problem with these books is that they don’t actually address the subject of attraction!

I’ve found that when it comes to dating and romance, a woman’s STRONGEST desire is to be with a man that she feels a strong emotional attraction for… a man that fits her genetic, archetypal lock… the Yang in her Yin.

My belief is that attraction is so powerful that a man who is not physically attractive, who doesn’t have money, who isn’t tall, etc. can win the affections of a woman over a man who does have these things, but doesn’t have the personality and qualities that are naturally and genetically attractive to women.

I don’t think that most guys understand that a woman can want to be around them “just for them”… in other words, that she’ll want to be with him, spend time with him, enjoy having sex with him, etc. Most guys are also surprised that a woman will actually do the pursuing if the situation is desirable for her.

I wrote this book to get you over the idea that kissing up to a woman, giving away your power, accepting her manipulative behavior, buying her things, pursuing her, acting apologetic, and all the other traditional ideas aren’t the answer.

The answer lies in learning how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION…

When you can create that emotion inside of a woman, she’ll want you just because she loves how she feels when she’s with you.

Just as importantly, she’ll want you because she DOESN’T like how she feels when she’s NOT around you.

Seducing Women Feels Manipulative

The “pick up chicks” books and ideas I tried when I was starting out learning how to be successful with women didn’t work very well, and often just felt wrong.

Compared with many of these other things, my stuff “feels right”. I show guys how to get in touch with their inner attractiveness, how to be smooth and be a gentleman instead of being sneaky and being a jerk.

I’m not a relationship expert… I prefer to focus on first meeting to the first several dates. I feel that’s an area that most guys find the toughest to figure out.

I don’t have any hang-ups or negative moralistic views of sex… I think that safe sex is a beautiful and healthy thing.  I’m loyal when I have a girlfriend, but I see nothing wrong with dating whoever I want when I’m single.

It’s a challenge to help a person who “doesn’t get it” in a certain area of life to get to a place where they do “get it”. It’s a challenge that not many people undertake. Many people will just explain some techniques or maybe only a principle. But to take a person who doesn’t have a real frame of reference for something, like success with women, and get them to where they’re willing to accept a completely new way of looking at things is never easy.

For instance, I’ve realized that teasing and playing hard to get with a woman often gives her what she REALLY wants – it’s often what will make her feel a REAL gut-level attraction for a man. It’s not an easy theory to get someone to understand, considering that common sense tells you that this behavior is rude and not socially acceptable. Are you with me on this?

Beyond that, to get someone to overcome genetically wired and socially programmed beliefs, drives, and ideas long enough to actually try new things… and to stick with them until they get good at them… is a real undertaking.

I believe in what I’m teaching, because it took me years of trial and error to figure this stuff out and because I’ve seen it work for so many guys. It’s been proven that the ones who apply themselves get results. My challenge in this book and with my other products is to help other guys achieve more success in this aspect of their life.

There is a lot of power in deciding that you will do “WHATEVER IT TAKES” to achieve your goals, and I really hope that you make the commitment to yourself to get this area of your life handled for good.

Take a minute right now and commit to yourself. Commit to doing whatever it takes to get this part of your life sorted. The more committed you are to YOURSELF, the faster you’ll improve, and the more likely you are to experience the success that you really want.

Now, let’s get to it!

Extract from Attraction Isn’t A Choice by David DeAngelo


My opinion ? (5/5)

A classic ! A good ebook ! A must read ! One of the ebooks that helped me the most…

You can download it here if you’re interested.

NB : vous pouvez facilement trouver ce produit en français sur Internet…

Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo

Women Don’t Make Sense

I’m going to start off this whole shebang by giving you my take on women in general.

I know, I know. Every woman is a unique creature. But women have more commonalties than they have differences. So let’s start with what I think they have in common and then we’ll move on to how they differ. (The ideas that I’m about to share with you here are from my own research, testing in the real world, and personal analysis.)

For most men, a woman is like a Chinese puzzle inside of a brain twister.

Much of their behavior makes no sense at all (to men).

If there’s one thing that I’m clear about, it’s that most women THINK differently than most men, and most women want different things than most men.

This is hard for many men to grasp or understand, but it’s true. And the sooner you get a handle on what’s going on here, the sooner you’ll become more successful with women.

Let’s start by comparing what men and women are interested in.

Have you ever stopped to think about what entertains women as a group compared to what entertains men as a group? Women buy Cosmopolitan magazines, watch soap operas, and read romance novels. Men buy Playboy, watch sports, and read the paper.

Hey, wait a minute here! What’s in those Cosmos, soaps, and romance novels? And why are women so attracted to them?

And why is it that when men try to watch a soap opera or read a romance novel all they can say is, “I don’t get it…”?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because women’s brains are wired differently from men’s brains. That’s why.

And by telling you about what attracts women’s attention, I’ve also given you a clue about how to attract them to YOU.

Where Our Desires Come From

After spending the last ten years or so studying psychology and behavior, I’ve come to the opinion that MOST of our desires, drives, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, and personality traits are determined by our DNA and some by our social conditioning. I’m talking about both men and women here.

Even differences like whether a person prefers adventure or couch riding are largely a matter of programming from birth (If you really disagree with me on this one, read some books on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or try the book Who Am I? by Steven Reiss.)

In any event, HOWEVER they got to be interested in these common things, most women have a few main interests, needs, desires, or whatever you want to call them when it comes to men, relationships, and romance.

Have you ever read the personals? Have you ever noticed how many women say things like “princess looking for prince”, “friends first”, and “looking for my soulmate”? Have you ever noticed how almost NO men ever say these things?

What’s going on?

Have you ever listened to a group of women talking about men? Ever notice how they speak largely in some kind of code language and constantly make a big deal out of tiny details that seem totally irrelevant?

Have you ever noticed, on the other hand, how men are direct with each other and have no interest in bickering over small things?

What’s going on?

Have you ever noticed how many women are attracted to drama?

Here’s my take on this whole subject: Women are playing out a role that hasn’t changed for thousands (or millions?) of years. These days the language and clothing are different. But it’s the same that it’s always been.

There are many parts of human brains that create drives and desires for different things. Often, these drives conflict with each other.

For instance, a woman might want a strong man in her life, but she might also want a feeling of independence. She might want to have attention, but she might also want to be seen as above needing it. (Men have these types of conflicts as well, but in different areas.)

So, for example, I hear a lot of men saying things like, “I hate all the drama that women create. Why do they create this stuff?”

My answer: Drama accomplishes a lot of things at once. It gets attention, it sends emotions through the body (emotions are highly addictive chemicals), it’s a way to be self-righteous, it’s often fun, it’s interesting and prevents boredom, it gives things meaning… and on and on. There are a lot of good reasons for drama. But most men can’t understand because drama fulfills needs that MOST MEN DON’T HAVE.

It’s like women saying, “I hate it when all a guy can talk about is sports.” What needs to sports fulfill for men? Competition, adrenaline, power, domination… all the typical guy stuff. Incidentally, stuff that fulfills needs that most women just plain don’t have.

The First Shift In Thinking

So let’s start off with this shift in thinking: Think about what the woman who you’re interested in needs and wants and don’t assume that these are the same things that YOU need and want.

And don’t assume that what women want is going to make any sense at all to you, because it probably won’t. This shift in thinking was a big one for me personally to understand. Almost none of what I do to be successful with women makes any sense to me logically, because I’m not a woman. But now that I see that what I do works over and over again, I realize that it doesn’t matter what makes sense.

All that matters is WHAT WORKS.

Let’s get a little deeper into the female heart and mind.

Females select males most of the time in nature… and in modern human courtship. And even if the man selects the woman, many if not most women still harbor the secret fantasy that they’re ‘letting him do it’, etc.

Sooooooo…. It’s good to address this issue and point out when talking to women (even if you hint at it and talk about past experiences to make the point) that you are the selector and not the selectee. This kind of thing is very powerful, as it does one of my favorite things: It points out something to the woman that she’s most likely NEVER HEARD FROM A MAN IN HER ENTIFE LIFE. I specialize in saying things that women have never heard. I also like to say things that she’s never heard that MAKE ME DIFFERENT IN A DESIRABLE WAY.

I even say to women, “I’m about to tell you something (or something about you) that no one has ever told you…” This really gets a woman on the edge of her seat and puts her into an instant state of attention (when done in a context that makes sense). And if the thing you tell them is profound enough, they’ll begin to see you as a sort of super psychic powerhouse (women are fascinated by these kinds of insights).

My personal view is that if you help people to have profound realizations, they’ll see you as a guru rather than seeing the information or themselves as powerful. It doesn’t matter from where the info came, as long as it’s something that the person has never really thought about in that way (that’s also profound to her).

One good example is to say to a hot woman who’s acting arrogant, “You don’t have me fooled for a minute, dear.”

When she says, “What are you talking about?”, you say, “Well, I know that most men fall for this ‘I’m beautiful and aloof and I get my way’ part of your personality… but I know something that none of them know… that there’s really another side of you. A side that none of THEM get to see. I’ll bet you a dollar right now that I know something about you that no one who’s only known you for 5 minutes has EVER known… … You may act tough, but you’re actually EXTREMELY sensitive on the inside. If someone makes a negative comment to you, you might act like it doesn’t bother you… but you’ll think about it all the way home… I know that secretly you’re as sensitive as a little girl… it’s just that most people never get to meet that part of you…”

This messes up a cold woman soooo hard that you have to be ready for instant personality meltdown and a completely different person to come out of her. At this point, it’s often easy to start talking about the whole pickup scene and how women play men, etc. to let her know that you’re an insider and not falling for her game. If you drop two or three more profound comments during this time, you’ll have a woman who won’t leave you alone (but keep acting like you want to be left alone so she’ll stay after you!). Nice.

It’s A Game To Them

Women often view men picking up on them as a sort of game. They talk about it with each other, they have standard lines that they learn when you ask for their number such as, “Why don’t you give me YOUR number instead and I can call you…?” and so on.

I know that some, maybe even most women go out on weekends with the mindset of “I’m never going to meet Mr. Right at a club, but it boosts my ego to have men paying attention to me by the dozens, and I like to have free drinks… and I love to dance with my girlfriends and be a tease… and I love the power of shooting men down while pretending to be annoyed by it… etc.”

Why Women Are Attracted To Things Like Fame, Money, And Power

In my opinion, women are attracted to things like fame, money, and power because they are genetically and socially programmed on an unconscious level to believe that these men are more intelligent, more fun, more interesting, more able to give them the lifestyle – and MOST IMPORTANTLY – more able to give them the FEELINGS that they want. In his book Influence, Robert Cialdini talks about a psychological principle called the ‘Halo Effect’. In a nutshell, humans naturally assume that attractive and powerful people are smarter and more trustworthy than average people.

A woman desires a man who fits into her self-image fantasies that have been forming since she was very young. And thanks to Disney these fantasies were imbedded even further than her genetic wiring ever intended.

Overall, the answer is to realize that rich, powerful, famous guys have the advantage at the beginning from their FAMILIARITY and ASSUMED, PROJECTED positive traits. But if you can learn to get a woman’s attention and then give her the FEELINGS that she’s always wanted, she’ll treat you like you’re famous, rich, and powerful as well.

A tall, handsome man, or a famous rich man ‘pushes a button’ and triggers certain feelings inside of a woman. If you’re not rich, famous, tall and/or super attractive, you have to learn to ‘install the button’ so that when they see you, they automatically have those feelings. The good news is that you can do this with most women, whereas you cannot with most men.

While women are interested in looks to some degree, they are MORE interested in how you make them feel. Even if you don’t understand this concept, you have to believe and start acting as if it’s true. You must behave as if you confidently believe that you are the best thing for a woman and that you are going to make her feel wonderful.

Women can pick up this particular belief, and they respond to it.

Ask yourself:

“How would I walk if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside?“

“How would I talk if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside?”

“What would the expression be on my face if I believed that I could make any woman feel great inside?”

“How would I act differently if I were the kind of man that women dreamed about?”

Then start doing these things. When you’re talking to a woman, imagine how good you’re going to make her feel. Fake it till you make it. Just do it. Women will notice.

The Dark Side Of Beauty

Underneath all of the beauty, most of these powerful women have a ‘shadow’ or dark side.

This dark side is secretly wanting a man who is in control of himself, his reality, and them.

But they’d never admit it – often not even to themselves.

But their unconscious knows and recognizes this desire as something that they want. They also hold a kind of inner CONTEMPT for the weak people (especially men) who give them everything they want, as is evidenced by the “Oh, he’s just a guy I use to buy me things and “He’s my ‘Boytoy’ kind of comments that women often make to their girlfriends.

On the topic of men giving gifts to women and buying them things: Many women will take what is available to them (even if they have to do a little manipulation for it), but they will ultimately resent and disrespect a man who gives too much to them.

As a matter of fact, to most hot women, THEIR REALITY is that men kiss up to them and give them what they ask for or demand (worst case, they have to get upset or act bitchy to get their way). AGAIN, THIS IS THEIR REALITY. Men who don’t fit this mold are often just tuned out as if they didn’t exist in order to keep this reality as pure as possible for them.

(Also, I think that many women harbor contempt for their beauty. At a shadow level, they are kept from living a real life and being closer to the real world simply because fewer and fewer people can relate to them in proportion to how ‘beautiful’ they are and make themselves. Addressing this topic when speaking to women is VERY powerful. More later.)

Men are often behaving like ass kissers because they are afraid that a woman might get upset and leave. The fact is that by acting this way, a woman is MORE likely to leave. It’s one of those paradoxes that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. If a woman whines, a man might begin to think, “Oh, no… I need to kiss her ass or she might leave. Even though she’s being ridiculous, I have to go along with it…”

This is bad for her, for you, and for the relationship between you. Learn to never let a woman act like a Brat without you calling her on it (AND IN A COOL, ALMOST INDIFFERENT WAY!)

This is very counter-intuitive, but again, we’re dealing with female human behavior, which has roots and drives that are complex and often difficult to trace.

The solution is to NOT kiss ass or do things for them like everyone else. Be different. Expect them to pull their own weight, call them on all of their issues and messedup behaviors just like you would a guy friend or family member (Use the same “you’re my friend and I’m saying this for your benefit” tone that you’d use with a friend), tease and make fun of their insecurities in a playful way, reframe other men who kiss their ass, and put beauty in a new light (as a curse, etc., how she can never have anyone see her for who she truly is, how every man she knows would sleep with her in a minute, and how it often leads to less inner fulfillment).

The fact is that women will sleep with rich men who kiss their asses and model-handsome guys who don’t treat them well to satisfy their PHYSICAL drives.

But overall, an average looking man who takes good care of himself and makes enough money to live comfortably who is cocky, direct, challenging, confident, funny, and in control – one who challenges her constantly and never kisses her ass EVER – will be FAR more fulfilling to a beautiful woman than the other types.

This difference is not only interesting to her, but it’s also challenging as well (something she doesn’t experience often). A man who does such will not only be able to win her body, but also her interest and fascination. It will also keep her messed up behaviors more in check while allowing you to stay more in control of the situation.

***Note: If any of this stuff sounds too far out for you, I recommend that you go out to a mall and find yourself a few really beautiful women. Then ask them to read the last few pages of this book and to tell you the accuracy of this material. If you’re a doubter, you won’t believe the responses you’ll get. I’ve asked many beautiful women about these ideas and almost EVERY ONE OF THEM has told me that this line of thinking is accurate.

You’ll also notice out in the real world that some fortunate men have the looks, fame, personality, or whatever that causes women to act naturally open and receptive to them.

If you’re one of these men, then congrats to you!

If you’re not one of these men (I’m not, so I understand what it’s like) then you have to LEARN how to get inside of a woman’s mind and heart and CAUSE her to start acting this way toward you. It may take a few minutes of conversation, or even up to an hour or so… but if you learn the skills that I’m going to teach you, you can learn how to cause women to act this way toward you, too.

Remember, attraction has different roads that lead to it. Some are easy shortcuts, but some take a little longer, present more challenges, and require more skill. But there is a structure to the process and if you learn that structure, you will be more successful.

The Underlying Motives

I think that it’s important to look at the differences between men and women from an objective perspective.

Remember that just about every thought and behavior that a woman has, no matter how little sense it may make to you, has some positive intention behind it. Drama is often to get attention. Jealousy is often a way of protecting a relationship. Games are often used to make sure that a man is serious and willing to invest energy.

So as you work to become more successful with women, remember not to take things personally. Don’t get discouraged if you encounter games, drama, and things that you don’t understand. It’s all part of the game.

I believe that underneath it all, men are usually trying to find women who will give them sex, and women are usually trying to find men who will give them loyalty and commitment. This has evolved over many millions of years, and these goals contain an obvious conflict of interest.

So just realize this conflict exists, and as you learn, remember to take it into consideration.

And, of course, don’t take any of it personally. Men have been dealing with all of these same issues for a long, long time.

Extract from Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo


My opinion ? (4/5)

A classic ! A good ebook ! A must read !

You can download it here if you’re interested.

NB : vous pouvez facilement trouver ce produit en français sur Internet…

How to Get A Girl Back In 30 Days Or Less by John Alexander

Common Mistakes – How Many of These Have You Made?


Below are two case studies to show you you’re not the only guy facing a lot of bad newsright now.

Luke’s Story


Luke had been with Amber for 18 months. That may not sound like a lot in the grandscheme of things, but he was so happy with her that it felt like a lifetime.

As time went by, Amber became Luke’s entire life. He lost contact with all his old friendsand quit his old hobbies and interests. Of course, Amber still went out with her friends…but when she did, Luke would get jealous and angry at her, thinking she was cheatingon him or at least other guys would be undressing her with their eyes.

It was as if Luke no longer just wanted Amber… now it was more like he

neededher.She had become his entire source of happiness in life.

Then when the break-up talk happened, Luke did something he had never done before,because it was an act of extreme desperation. But she was his everything, so what elsecould he do?

Luke got up and, embarrassing himself in front of all the other people at the diner,bowed his head and got down on one knee. He held his hand out to her and, with tearsin eyes, begged her to take him back.

“I’m sorry,” Amber said, refusing to take his hand. “I feel like you’re my brother. Thechemistry is gone. I don’t feel like this can work. I need my space.” With that, she stoodup, turned her back on him and walked away.

For the next month Luke kept chasing and stalking Amber. He was calling, texting, or emailing her every day – and usually it was multiple times a day. She only got back withhim once, to tell him she was “busy.” The rest of his dozens of groveling emails, texts,and voice mails went unanswered.

Luke was able to finally talk with one of Amber’s friends. She told him, “Amber doesn’twant to date you anymore because you’re too depressed.”

Then a couple days later Luke heard through the grapevine that Amber had gotten backwith her ex, a real jerk who verbally abused her and treated her like crap. Luke hadalways been the “nice guy” and did everything for Amber.

In desperation, Luke turned to me.

Robby’s Story


Robby’s been going out with Bernadette on and off for 3 years. Robby experimented with sex with other women, and Bernadette found out and dumped him. But now, herealizes what he’s lost and wants a stable relationship with Bernadette. He feels like hereally is a changed guy.

Actually, to say he feels like Bernadette would be perfect for him would be the

understatement of the century.

Robby wants to convince Bernadette that he’s changed. He wants her to listen to himand believe what he says is real and not another broken promise from the past.

He’s going crazy without her. He wishes he didn’t cheat on her, but now he desperatelywants to know how to make her forgive him, trust him again and love him again.

Robby knows he shouldn’t be needy, desperate or clingy, but he’s confused about whathe should say and do to get Bernadette back in light of the cheating. He knows he shouldplay it cool and confident, but is at a loss about how to let her know he’s stillinterested and of course to get her interested in him again. It’s a real dilemma for him.

Overcoming Your Mistakes


It’s likely your own story shares a lot of elements in common with Luke’s or Robby’s, ora combination of the two. You may not realize this yet, but Luke and Robby made a lot of really bad mistakes.

The poor guys just didn’t know better.Pretty soon you’ll be able to identify their mistakes, so you can avoid making themyourself.

Re-Igniting Your Woman’s Attraction for You


Now that you’ve made yourself scarce in your ex-girlfriend’s life, it’s time to get busy.You’re going to transform yourself into the ideal man. Then your ex will discover thegreat change in you and beg to be part of your life again.

What you’ve been doing lately is putting a lot of stress on your ex-girlfriend and on therelationship. What you want instead is to have things be fun again for her and free from stress.

For example, a lot of guys whine to their exes about how sad they are now that they’rebroken up, but this is a huge mistake and accomplishes nothing except putting morestress on her. Your ex-girlfriend might feel a bit of sympathy, but she doesn’t really carehow bad you feel since she’s dumped your ass. In fact, if anything she’d say that you’rethe bastard for making her feel guilty about dumping you – which drives her even furtherfrom you. My point is this: do not put control of your emotions in the hands of your ex-girlfriend (or any woman for that matter), or it’ll end in disaster. Instead take control ofyourself.

What you’re going to do is use what productivity guru Steve Pavlina calls

overwhelming forcein your self-improvement mission. It comes from the PowellDoctrine in military strategy. Rather than committing what you think is the amount ofresources you need to accomplish the mission, you over-commit resources. You throwall you’ve got into it to achieve rapid, massive victory. Think of the way the US handledthe first Gulf War in 1991. That way you avoid a long, drawn out struggle. While your initial commitment of resources is extremely high, in the long run it’s less because you get the job done so much faster.

By the end of the next three weeks you’ll use overwhelming force to make yourself intoan attractive man. Your ex will be unable to resist being attracted to the new you.

Attraction is something a woman feels on a primal level. She can logically KNOW you’re the right guy for her (e.g., you’re a responsible, “grown-up” man, great husband material, and would make a great father to her future children). But she must also FEELattraction on an instinctual level for her to want to be with you. That’s why it’s so important for you to work on becoming attractive, so that when you re-initiate contactwith her on Day 21, she’ll be drawn to you like a magnet.

Before I jump into the details, let me say this.You’re not allowed to use “lack of time” asa cop out. It takes only a bit of effort to make yourself more attractive. Do you want yourgirl back or not? It’s time to overcommit your resources and use massive, overwhelming force to get the mission accomplished.

My opinion ? (4/5)

This book is good ! But I’m not really into “getting a girl back”.

You can download it here if you’re interested.